About smartlotto.ai

Introducing Toro

Toro is our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to make educated guess of the next lottery numbers. Toro is working 24/7, crunching numbers and statistical analysis that is simply too time-consuming for humans to do, to come up with the best possible guess for the next numbers.

Is Toro accurate?

There are millions of possible outcomes in a lottery drawing that simply makes accuracy hard to nail down. It is also simply impossible to accurately predict future drawings. However, if there is a statistical bias in the drawings, Toro is working hard to discover that, and we will reveal the results to you.

Does this website sell lottery tickets?

No. We do not sell lottery tickets. Please visit your local lottery ticket vendors to purchase your own tickets. Local and state laws regulations may apply depending on your jurisdiction.

How much are you taking if I win the lottery from your predictions?

None. You keep all the winnings since you bought the tickets. We do not take any percentage or cut from your winnings. It's all yours to enjoy.

I don't see the lottery I am interested in.

Please email us and let us know, so we can add them to the list of lotteries that Toro can check.

Problem Gambling and Gambling Addiction

We take gambling addiction and problem gambling seriously. If you have any signs of addiction, please seek professional help.

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